Saying Goodbye

With a heavy heart I have started the process of removing all my books from Amazon and Audible very soon. I appreciate all my past readers and those I have met through this journey. There is a slight possibility they will be moved to Smashwords for free, but I have not decided that yet. The process takes awhile to remove them so for now they are still available.

The Black Sword Is Live!

The Black Sword: The Dragon Sage Chronicles is now live in Kindle Ebook and Print!

The fourth and final book in the Dragon Sage Chronicles series.Determined to take over the Realms of Arydd, a bane returns once more to reclaim the kingdom by force with his army of goblins.With Galddor gone from this realm the kingdom is vulnerable without his protection. The Sovereign Mountain Dragons have refused to associate with the humans any longer, leaving no hope of their assistance. Young King Turk must take unusual steps to ensure the safety of everyone in the kingdom.With the aid of Ronad, the new Dragon Sage and Ryndorix, his Dragon friend, they must lead a team to retrieve the only weapon that can stop the bane once and for all.

The Black Sword 

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