Blood and Bane

Blood and Bane: The Dragon Sage Chronicles

This is the first of a trilogy of the Dragon Sage Chronicles.

In an ancient world, ruled by Dragons…

Galddor, Dragon Sage and liaison to the Sovereign Mountain Dragons is training three apprentices to become Staves. Once trained, they will occupy all corners of the Realms to watch over and protect the land from magical abuse and desecration. Though Galddor’s visions foretold the rise of a destructive foe from within the apprenticeship, he overcomes his concerns. The apprentice in question is a known descendant from a family of humans who were banished from the Realms many years ago by the Sovereign Dragons – and Galddor. Now Galddor must push forward in the hopes the lessons he provides will overcome the apprentice’s natural, dark tendencies and instead become an honorable man. If Galddor is unable to meet this challenge, the past may come back to haunt him, affecting human-Dragon relations, and changing the face of the Realms forever…

Blood and Bane: The Dragon Sage Chronicles

Published: May 18, 2013

Words: 103,387 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301955947