RIP Ray Bradbury

I just read the news that my childhood hero and one of my favorite authors has passed away. Needless to say for some reason I became very emotional. Not sure why, but perhaps it’s because his stories lifted me off this world and into another so I could escape the mundane problems a boy, and eventually teen, dealt with as I explored Mars through his eyes.

Ray Bradbury was one of the inspirations whom got me writing. His stories alone told me “I can do this!”. So I began to write. And write more. Continue reading

In an Ancient World…

…Ruled by Dragons!

Welcome to the Realms of Arydd! I have written many stories over the years, but the Dragon Sage series is my first regular novel. I am now in the process of finalizing the first in the series, Blood and Bane, the beginning book in the Dragon Sage Chronicles. Over the next year there will be updates to the trilogy as well as a side novel which follows the Dragon Sage to a far away town to bring some peace to the ravaged town of Dunmuir.

I have compiled some of my artwork as well as a blog, photos, music and other stories in this site. Some of the music includes the “soundtrack” to the Dragon Sage series in addition to some original pieces.

So feel free to browse around and read more about the Dragon Sage books, other stories, to learn more about me. And please visit often for the latest updates!