Audio Books Narrator

Wendy Anne Darling is my audio book narrator…forever! She has done an incredible job narrating the Dragon Sage Chronicles series and will soon be doing the Goblin Queen! Wendy is an author in her own right. Here’s some more info about Wendy…

Once upon a time in soggy, wet England…

Long before Wendy Anne Darling started writing poetry (age 9), and even before she began reading everything she could lay her pudgy, little hands on (age 6); she picked up a pencil and started drawing.

Stick figures made way for portraits, fashion designs, and oil paintings (using all the left-over colors from paint-by-numbers kits), and Wendy decided she was going to be an artist.

The desire to write stories came to the forefront, thanks to the encouragement of her family and her English teacher; Miss Buss, but still Wendy stuck to her plans and got a degree in Graphic Design. Her first ever job was drawing advertisements for drive-in movie screens with a company called Cine Media in South Africa. She later had a fabulous time working in graphic design for Out Front Colorado; Denver’s most well-loved, gay newspaper.

She also loved to read aloud, and became a narrator and audio book producer for Amazon Audible and currently has 15 audio books in her portfolio.

If it involved creativity, Wendy was into it.

While her number 1 goal now is to write fantasy and sci-fi fiction, she could never let go of her love for drawing. Trying to decide what she was going to be when she ‘grew up;’ which she never succeeded in doing, Wendy, sensibly, came to the conclusion that she was simply going to do ALL OF IT.