It’s been years!

I’ve left this website here, since I had been mulling over for years to remove the books I have had on Amazon over and over again. Instead, I’m refreshing the book covers with better artwork! I hope this will be more appealing and engaging. In addition, I’ve updated some other aspects on the Amazon side and hope that will bring a refreshing feeling. And now, may I introduce the newest book cover for Blood and Bane!

Blood and Bane: The Dragon Sage Chronicles

Flathead Valley Celtic Festival


What a fantastic two days at the Flathead Valley Celtic Festival! Not only did I get to play in my favorite band, the Montana Highlanders (yes bias, I know), but I met a LOT of great people at my booth and those vending next to me! I brought quite a few of all three books with me and amazingly…they sold out! Blood and Bane went first and I also have back orders to send out!

You were all great to meet and I enjoyed talking with each and every one of you! See you next time!