the Goblin Queen

The Goblin Queen is nearing the editing stage! And now here is the current cover!

Servants No More… Once slaves to the Lurean royal families, the goblins served Tog-Morda in his attempt to overthrow the kingdom of Arydd’liss. With the bane’s defeat the goblins fled to Shimeer Forest where they have multiplied and terrorized anyone unlucky enough to find themselves lost in the woods. Under the leadership of the Goblin Queen they have become an army. Ronad, a Guardsman to the Ra’saad family and the kingdom, has been tasked with a test given to him by the Dragon Sage, Galddor the Stave. What awaits him in the forest are the goblins of which he is painfully aware. What he finds surprises not only himself, but Master Galddor as well. A find that could change their fates and the kingdom of Arydd’liss.


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